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North West Cambridge

The North West Cambridge Development

The North West Cambridge Development is a new district located 2km north-west of the city centre of Cambridge. The development, which will be known as Eddington, is being created to meet the University’s long term growth. Designed to be a long-lasting, sustainable and ambitious place, the long term masterplan includes: 1,500 homes for University and College staff. 700 Homes will be available in phases throughout summer 2017 and winter 2017-18. The University homes are available for qualifying University, College and affiliated staff at a subsidised rent. Applications are made through the University Accommodation Service.

Key Worker Housing apartment information

The homes on the North West Cambridge Development are designed to high quality standards. The homes include:

  •          high levels of heat and sound insulation within the building
  •          heat and hot water from a district heating network based on site
  •          two water sources (one using clean water and one using treated and recycled rain water, depending on the use)
  •          Solar panels which feed into communal facilities

The apartments are a mix of one and two bedrooms. We also have a small number of 4 bedroom units that would be suitable for single persons who wish to share. All units are furnished with beds, dining furniture, bookcases, a study desk, clothes storage and a sofa/armchair. Also provided is a washing machine/dryer, oven, hob and fridge/freezer. Images of a typical apartment layout and floor plan are shown below, accompanied by an example of the furnishings in the apartments.

























Typical one-bedroom apartment                                                         
approximate average floor space: 52 sq m                                           

Typical two-bedroom apartment
 approximate average floor space: 65 sq m














Sustainability at NWCD

Living sustainably

Living on the site will be a unique, educational and beneficial experience. Homes will be built to high levels of sustainability (Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5) which will result in reduced energy bills and minimising carbon footprint for residents on the development.

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Community at NWCD

Community facilities

To support residents living on the site, there will also be a range of community facilities including a primary school, community centre, supermarket, GP surgery, and sports facilities.

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Affordable housing at NWCD

Affordable housing

All new developments require an amount of affordable rental housing. The affordable homes on the North West Cambridge Development are available to qualifying key workers of the University, colleges and affiliated Institutions. The apartments and houses will be let at significantly discounted rental levels, to staff prioritised in accordance with an Allocations Policy that has been agreed with the local authorities and is set out in the Section 106 planning conditions.

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NWCD location map



Also available will be:

1,500 homes for sale on the open market. Hill Developers are currently building 240 new homes on site ready from 2018. The homes will be marketed under the branding of ‘Athena’ and more information can be found on their website

2,000 post-graduate student rooms. The first phase includes 325 student rooms which will be let by an established College for their students. The Accommodation Service can provide guidance for students on rentals elsewhere in the City. 

Academic and commercial research space

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