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Eddington (North West Cambridge Development)

Eddington (North West Cambridge Development) is a new district located 2km northwest of the city centre of Cambridge.

Eddington is being created to meet the University's long term growth. Designed to be a long lasting, sustainable and ambitious place, the long term masterplan includes 1,500 homes for University and College staff. The first phase includes 700 homes in Eddington for qualifying University and College key workers.



The key worker homes at Eddington are available to qualifying staff members of the University, Colleges and Affiliated Institutions. Apartments will be let at rental levels discounted to the market, to staff prioritised in accordance with an Allocations Policy agreed with the local authorities and is set out in the Section 106 planning conditions.

The homes at Eddington are managed by Lodge Property Services who are part of the Cambridge University Accommodation Service.

Applications are made through the University Accommodation Service for accommodation at Eddington. Please visit our home page and click on Register in the top right hand corner.


There will also be 1,500 homes for sale on the open market. Hill Residential are currently building 240 new homes on site ready from September 2018. The homes will be marketed under the branding of 'Athena' and more information can be found on their website

Hill are responsible for marketing the homes for sale and can accept direct enquiries about the Government's Help to Buy scheme. Homes for sale may also be available for eligible candidates of the University's Shared Equity Scheme.

For more information about the development and long term vision of Eddington, please see the North West Cambridge Development website at

More information about Eddington (North West Cambridge Development) such as eligibility criteria, the application process and other information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who manages the properties at Eddington?

Lodge Property Services manage all properties at Eddington. We are part of the University Accommodation Service.
We are currently based in a temporary office at
44 Ryle Yard
You can contact us via email
Our temporary office telephone number is 07566 289667

About the homes and living at Eddington

2.   What properties are available?
At Eddington, the first phase includes
  • One bedroom apartments
  • One bedroom with study apartments
  • Two bedroom apartments
  • One room within a four bedroom shared apartment
Future phases may include different sized properties.
One bedroom apartments have an approximate average floor space of 52 sq m and include:
  • One double bedroom
  • Open plan dining/living room
  • Bathroom
  • For single people or couples
Approximate average floor space = 52 sq m
Two bedroom apartments have an approximate average floor space of 65 sq m and include:
  • One double bedroom
  • One single bedroom
  • Open plan dining/living room
  • Bathroom
  • For up to a maximum of three people (including children) 
Four bedroom shared apartment:
  • Four single bedrooms each with ensuite bathroom
  • Communal dining/living area
  • For single occupancy only
  • Biills included (Council Tax, electricity, heating and hot water standing charge and usage, broadband and water). A TV licence is not included.
  • Available from 2018 (find out how to express your interest in Question 26)
4.   Are the apartments furnished?
All of the apartments are fully furnished and no charge is made for the provision of furniture. The apartments contain:
  • Double sofa and armchair
  • Dining room table and 4 chairs
  • Coffee table, desk and office chair
  • Storage space
  • Bed(s)
  • Domestic appliances including a washing machine / tumble drying facilities
  • Cooker
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
In the future, we may charge for furniture but this will only apply to new tenants to Eddington.

If you have your own furniture you would like to bring with you, you can do so. If you would like to remove any furniture we have provided, you will need to request and obtain prior permission from Lodge Property Services, and agree to transport and arrange professional storage at your own expense for which you will remain fully liable. The furniture must be returned to the apartment rooms in its original condition and location before the end of your tenancy.

Tenants will need to provide their own bedlinen, soft furnishings and crockery, as well as small electrical items such as microwave and kettle.
5.   How much rent will I pay?
Rents at Eddington are standardised according to property type. The current rents are as follows:
• For a one bedroom apartment, the rent is £738 pcm (excluding bills) 
• For a one bedroom with study apartment, the rent is £795 pcm (excluding bills) 
• For a two bedroom apartment, the rent is £928 pcm (excluding bills) 
• For one bedroom in a four person shared apartment, the rent is £650 (includes bills)
Rent reviews take place annually and will increase by no more than 3.5% per annum (current rate). Changes to rent charged will be implemented on the anniversary of your tenancy agreement.
Rent is payable in advance on the 1st of the month and you will be asked to set up a direct debit as soon as you accept the tenancy offer and have paid your admin fee and deposit.
6.   How were these rents determined?
An assessment was made against Cambridge market rent levels to ensure that rents at Eddington are discounted to meet the affordable housing level.
Rents at Eddington are standardised and based on a third of the gross weighted average salary taking into account the University’s salary spine of grades 1-9 (or equivalent for those outside of the University pay scale). The weighted average salary is used to set the rent for an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment with adjustments for accommodation smaller and larger than this. 

7. Are other household/ utility bills included in the price?
Rent for one and two bedroom apartments and a one bed with study does NOT include utility bills. You will need to organise your own accounts for these services and pay for the following:
• Council tax 
• Water 
• Electricity
• Any telephone, Broadband and TV licence and subscriptions
• Heating and hot water usage (from Core) (The standing charge for heating and hot water is included in     your rent)
• Parking permit (through Lodge)
Rent for a four bedroom shared apartment includes the following utility bills: council tax, electricity, heating and hot water (standing charge and usage), broadband and water.
Council tax
Your council tax will be charged according to your tenancy start date. Council tax for a one bedroom property is likely to be Band B and for a two bedroom property possibly Band C. You can find current rates at
Cambridge Water are the provider of water to your property and will bill you directly for your water supply.
Properties are set up with an account with SSE for electricity, but you can change to a different supplier if you wish. Please inform Lodge Property Services if you change supplier. 
Telephone/internet/TV subscriptions
See below for more information.
Heating and hot water at Eddington
For one and two bedroom apartments, the rent includes the standing charge associated with the provision of heating and hot water. A variable charge for usage is an additional charge which tenants will pay directly to Core.
Heating and hot water to the whole of Eddington is provided by a District Heating Network powered by an Energy Centre located on-site. The utility company is called Core which has been set up specifically for this service and is part of the overall North West Cambridge Development.
A Core account will be set up for you as part of your tenancy and you will be asked to agree and sign the Core contract when you accept the tenancy - see here. For more information visit
8. Can I view the apartment before I move in?
Due to the volume of applicants we are working with, viewings of a specific property will not be possible. However there is a show home apartment which will give you an idea of the space type and furnishings. You are also advised to walk around Eddington to look at the development and its facilities before applying. Please contact Lodge Property Services by email to arrange a viewing of the show home apartment.
9. Is parking available on site?
The properties at Eddington do not automatically come with car parking spaces. This is because Eddington has been designed as a low-car community with a target of less than 40% of journeys needing to take place by single occupancy car. A range of initiatives to support sustainable travel are available with assistance from our Transport team to help you plan your journeys.
If you do need a car, you can apply for a resident parking permit at £85 per month. Parking spaces are limited and you cannot be guaranteed a space. You will be provided with more information on how to apply for a resident parking permit once you have been allocated a property at Eddington.
On-street resident parking is not available, though a limited number of spaces are provided for visitors, with pay and display as part of the local centre parking strategy. There will be some parking spaces allocated for tenants with special needs or access requirements, and these applicants will be given higher priority for resident parking permits.
10. Are there lifts in the apartment blocks?
Lifts are installed in buildings with more than 3 storeys. 
Apartment blocks with less than 3 storeys do not have lifts. 
If you are unable to manage stairs, please tick the box for ground floor within the application process.
11. Are TV aerials provided?
There are no TV aerials on site. If you wish to watch television you will need to have an internet-ready TV or use a streaming service on another device, as well as a TV licence.
12. Will an internet connection / broadband be provided?
You will need to register for a broadband package with your chosen internet service provider from the below list (unless you are moving into a four bedroom shared apartment). It may take a while to order your package and have your system set up, so we encourage residents to make enquiries as soon as you are given a formal offer.
Please note the mobile phone signal can be weak in some apartments unless you are near a window.

Eduroam is provided in external communal areas across the whole of Eddington. Eduroam is not provided within the apartments. 

Eddington has been provided with FTTP Fibre to the Premises (sometimes referred to as Fibre to the Home FTTH) and is the fastest commercial internet infrastructure available in the UK.
Current Internet Providers (Fibre to the Home/FTTH) to Eddington are:
  • BT
  • Zen Internet
  • Andrew and Arnolds
  • Virgin Media (infrastructure due to be installed in 2018)
13. Can I keep a pet at the property?
Your tenancy agreement states that pets are not permitted.
14. Am I allowed to smoke in the apartment?
Smoking is not allowed within apartments or in communal areas like stairwells, courtyards or terraces.

About your tenancy

15. How many people can live in the apartments?
One bedroom apartments accommodate up to two people
One bedroom apartments with study accommodate up to two people
Two bedroom apartments accommodate up to three people (including children)
One bedroom within a four bedroom shared apartment accommodate single occupancy only
16. Can family members live with me?
Applicants can include permanent household members to live with them at Eddington in appropriately sized accommodation. All occupiers must be named. The income of all household members has to be declared.
17. How long can visitors stay?
Visitors should not remain at the premises for more than two weeks without prior permission from Lodge Property Services and should not stay longer than one month in total. There is a charge of £250 for this duration. Properties should not be overcrowded at any time.
18. Can I sublet or have a lodger at the property?
You will not be able to sublet the whole or any part of the property under the terms of your tenancy agreement.
19. What facilities are available?
Eddington provides many facilities to support everyday life for residents and a wider community. These include:
  • Sainsbury's supermarket
  • University of Cambridge Primary School
  • Storey’s Field Centre community facilities
  • Sports pitches, play areas, and parklands
In the near future there will be a new nursery and more local shops.
A GP surgery is planned and will be provided in the future.
20. How far is Eddington from the centre of Cambridge? Does it have public transport connections to University sites and other areas in Cambridge? How do I get around Cambridge?
Eddington is approximately 2 km northwest of Cambridge city centre. It is very close to the West Cambridge site (across Madingley Road).
Cycling is encouraged and there are ample cycle paths and safe storage areas for bicycles at Eddington.
The Universal Bus service connects Eddington with the city centre and Cambridge railway station and Biomedical Campus. It runs Monday to Saturday at least every 20 minutes. It costs £1 per journey for University card holders (please note, the service terminates at the rail station on Saturdays).
E-Car Club also has two cars available for hire on Eddington. On arrival residents will receive complimentary E-Car Club membership along with details of transport links, such as the local bus and train services.
Travel planning assistance can be provided to help with journey planning in and around Cambridge, particularly to your workplace.
21. Is there a completion schedule for all construction on site?
The first phase of Key Worker Housing and facilities at Eddington will be completed by winter 2018. The building work will continue beyond 2018 on homes for sale and the new hotel.

The second phase of the project, in which more Key Worker Housing is planned, is at an early stage of discussions. Residents will be consulted at the appropriate time. The final phase of the development will include the construction of academic and commercial research facilities. For more information about North West Cambridge Development please visit the website

About the Application Process

22. What apartment type should I apply for?
If you are eligible to live at Eddington, you can express your preference for either a one bedroom, one bedroom with study, or a two bedroom property – you will be required to pay the appropriate rent for the property that you accept, and ensure that you can meet the running costs of your home, as you would in renting any other property.
There is high demand for one bedroom and one bedroom with study properties at Eddington. Currently these units are mainly being offered to the high priority applicants who are new to Cambridge. This means that many applicants will not be successful in being made an offer. With that in mind, you may wish to increase your chances of being offered accommodation by choosing a two bedroom property if your circumstances permit. To do this tick the box on the application system that says ‘Interested in larger properties.’ If you are offered a larger property you will have to pay the rent appropriate for that property.
If you are interested in a room in a four bedroom shared apartment, please email and the team will register your interest.
23. Who is eligible to apply for Key Worker Housing at Eddington?
To qualify for housing at Eddington, applicants must be employed by the University or Colleges or one of the following affiliated Institutions:
  • Babraham Institute
  • British Antarctic Survey
  • Cambridge Assessment Centre
  • Cambridge University Press
  • EBI - European Bioinformatics Institute (Hinxton)
  • MRC - Medical Research Council
  • Sanger Institute
  • Wellcome Trust
  • NIAB
  • World Monitoring Conservation Centre
  • University of Cambridge Primary School
Students (undergraduates, post graduates and any other further education) are not eligible to apply. Please check the Accommodation Service for updates or further guidance.

Applicants must have a contract of:
  • at least 18 hours per week
  • at least six months remaining on contract with an original minimum contract length of 12 months at the time an offer of a tenancy is made.
Upon application we will request a supporting offer letter stating your salary, working hours and contract length.

The eligibility criteria for Key Worker Housing at Eddington has been defined in the planning permission of the site which was agreed by the local authorities.

You must confirm that you earn below a certain threshold which is Spine Point 61 (currently from 1 August 2017, £56,950) or below (or equivalent for College/affiliated institution employees) and make a personal declaration that your household income is no greater than £80,000.
24. How are housing allocations prioritised?
Priority is automatically assessed and is based on the information that you provide in your application. It is assessed against others who are also applying at the time of application and allocation.
Allocations for the new residences will be based on point scoring:
1)   Hard to fill post
2a) New staff, new to Cambridge, coming from overseas
2b) New staff, new to Cambridge, coming from the UK (outside of Cambridge)
3)   New staff, prior knowledge of Cambridge, coming from overseas
4a) New staff, prior knowledge of Cambridge, coming from UK (outside of Cambridge)
4b) New staff, coming from the Cambridge area
5)   University staff (not new starter)
6)   Applicant working for an affiliated organisation
Applicants with a fellowship who are funded by a grant from elsewhere and not directly employed by the University of Cambridge are not University of Cambridge employees. These applicants will be treated with the same priority as those employed by Affiliated Institutions.
25. How do I apply for key worker housing at Eddington?
  • Register with the University Accommodation Service. This will give you access to a range of properties, including privately rented accommodation and University homes. These are not just the homes at Eddington (North West Cambridge Development), which are managed by Lodge Property Services.
  • Once registered, you may apply for University owned property by completing an online form. You may opt to select both market rent and key worker or only key worker accommodation. Please note that by opting only for key worker accommodation at Eddington, you may be limiting your chances of being made an offer by the University Accommodation Service elsewhere in Cambridge.
  • The application form will ask you for personal and financial information to confirm that you are eligible to live at Eddington.
  • You will be informed if you are eligible for housing upon completing the form.
  • You will be asked to enter a preferred ‘move-in’ date which is used to match the start of your tenancy. If you have started a new job or are arriving from overseas you may want this to be similar to your employment start date. You need to ensure that your ‘move-in’ date is kept current as otherwise your name will be removed from the waiting list after 14 days of your stated move-in date.
  • We currently have a waiting list in operation and there is high demand, especially for one bedroom apartments. The waiting list changes daily as people join and leave the list; we therefore will be unable to advise of your place on the waiting list and are not able to guarantee an offer until it is made.
26. How do I select the option to rent a room in a four bedroom shared apartment?
On the Lodge application system, we do not currently have a section where you can select a room in the four bedroom shared apartments. If you are interested please email Lodge Property Services at
Rent for these properties will include utility and council tax bills.
27. When will I know if I will get an offer?
As the properties are part of a new build site, the completion date can change at short notice. Please be aware that we can only start allocating apartments when we have confirmed dates and this can be less than four weeks in advance of the ‘move in’ date.

You will be informed by Lodge Property Services if you have been shortlisted.
Following this you will be given a formal offer with property details once we have a property completion date confirmed.
28. What happens when I receive the formal offer?
When you are offered accommodation, you will have 48 hours to accept or decline the offer.
A non-refundable fee of £180 must be paid if accepting to secure the property.

Your tenancy start date may differ to the move-in date you specified in your application due to the number of people moving to Eddington at a similar time. This does not mean you have to move in on your tenancy start date but you will be liable for rent from then on.
You will then:
  • Meet the Lodge Property Services team
  • Sign your tenancy agreement alongside your Core heating and hot water contract
  • Provide Right to Rent documentation. Information on how to rent and the landlord’s code of practice is available online.
  • Move into your new home with guidance from our support team at Eddington.
Our current standard tenancy agreement can be downloaded here.
29. How much is the security deposit and will I get it back?
A security deposit is required as follows:
  • £1,000 for a one bedroom apartment
  • £1,250 for a two bedroom apartment
  • £800 for a room in a four bedroom shared apartment
You are asked to make the payment when accepting the offer. This will be held separately with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).
An inventory will be undertaken at both the start and the end of the tenancy and the amount of deposit returned to you will depend on the condition of the apartment upon vacating the property and any outstanding bills.
30. Can I refuse an offer for housing at Eddington?
Yes, however this may prohibit further offers being made to you.
31. What happens when I move in?
Once we have a fixed date for you to move in, our support team at Lodge Property Services will introduce you to your new home and highlight key features.
In addition, an online residents' portal will also be available to help you familiarise yourself with your new home, with user instructions, local community news and information.
32. How long do tenancies last for?
As with all University managed accommodation, each tenancy agreement will last for a fixed 12 month period. If you continue to be eligible under the rental model for Eddington and satisfy the terms of your tenancy, we are able to extend your tenancy for another 12 month term, up to a maximum of five years. 
33. Can I end my tenancy early?
You can express your wish to leave your tenancy early. You will be liable to pay rent, all utility bills and council tax until a new tenant is found or until your tenancy ends as per your tenancy agreement, whichever date occurs first. A non-refundable fee of £100 (may change without prior notice) will be charged once you have formally expressed your wish to leave early.
34. How often will rent reviews take place?
Rent reviews take place annually and will currently increase no more than 3.5% per annum. Rent changes will be implemented on the anniversary of your tenancy agreement. Tenants who stay for a fourth and fifth year will see their rent increase by a greater % increase (currently 5.5.%). Every five years, a broad review will be undertaken to take into account any significant changes in salary levels or inflation.
35. What happens if I no longer qualify for subsidised housing because I leave the University or my income increases?
If your employment with the University ceases before your tenancy agreement ends, or you are no longer eligible because your income (salary or household) is too high, you will no longer qualify for housing at Eddington. You will be given notice that your tenancy will terminate at the end of its current term. At the point of your tenancy renewal you will be asked to confirm that your household income is below £80,000.
36. Can I apply for a two bedroom home if I find someone to share with?
You may apply to share with someone else who is not a partner or family member.
Where there is only one tenant who is a University employee, that person will be the lead tenant on the tenancy agreement and the other person will be their sharer. The lead tenant is required to confirm that their employee salary is at or below spine point 61 on the University pay scale and that the household income (combined salary and income) is below £80,000 pa.
The University requires the name and details of the person who is sharing your home. 
You would need to agree with that person how you share the bills and who has which bedroom. If one person leaves, the remaining tenant (who must be a member of the University, College or Affiliated Institute) will be liable for the full rent until you have found someone else suitable to share.
It is up to you to find a sharer as Lodge Property Services cannot assist in the matching process.