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Accommodation Service

Studying at Cambridge


Very short-term accommodation

It may be difficult to provide you with accommodation for periods of less than 3 weeks unless this is during the Summer holidays. There may be also be some limited availability over the Christmas and Easter holidays.

We have a list of Guesthouses & Serviced Apartments under the Visiting Cambridge tab on our website. This is the place to search for very short-term accommodation, by which we mean overnight up to a week or so. You do not need to register to see the list.

If you wish to rent a whole property for 2 weeks or longer, between June and September, please continue with the registration process.

Students attending part-time courses connected with the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) and Cambridge University may only access the website at the discretion of the Accommodation Service. Our decision will be based on the length of the course and the weekly hours attended in Cambridge.