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Property Management Service - Please note we are unable to accept new clients at this time

Please note that we are unable to accept newcustomers for this service

The Accommodation Service offers a Property Management Service to owners of self-contained accommodation within Cambridge city. It is aimed primarily at property owners who are going abroad for a defined period.

With years of experience in the rental market, we know what is important to landlords. Allow us to give you peace of mind, taking good care of your property while you are away.

In order to provide a first class service we carefully select properties taking into account condition of the property, fire security and location. The final decision to choose a property is always taken by the Head of Department.

Let us manage your property 

  • We act as a point of contact for you
  • We liaise with tenants over any problems
  • We regularly inspect your property to ensure that it is being cared for
  • We arrange for repairs to be carried out, using our list of approved contractors 

While you retain control

  • You still find and approve the tenants that you want in your property, using our free Accommodation Service listings
  • You can use your own lease or we can provide a tenancy agreement for a nominal fee
  • You stay in charge and collect rent through a standing order
  • We liaise with contractors according to your wishes

Affordable service

As a service to the University we aim to keep our fees at a competitive level.

Contact us today - Please note that we are unable to accept new enquiries for this service.

Please contact us if you require further details on this service.