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Studying at Cambridge

Registration - to find a home

University membership

Please read the following notes about registration before you attempt to register with us.

  1. Consider the timescales of your likely accommodation needs.

    The rental market in Cambridge moves quickly and generally rental properties will not be advertised more than five months before you require accommodation.

    The University’s North West Cambridge Development will open in 2017 when some 700 homes will be available for qualifying University staff. The homes will be available from Spring 2017, so you may want to consider incorporating a potential move into this new district through short term leases in the interim to be amongst the first to move in, if practicable. Applications are now being accepted for housing on the North West Cambridge Development and will be allocated in early 2017.

    Please contact us if you need advice.

  2. Please note: When you register you will need to be able to prove your relationship to the University

    To be able to complete the registration you will need to tell us:

    1. The name of the University department with whom you will be studying / working.
    2. The name of your contact in your department / Faculty.
    3. A title for what you will be doing at the University (your academic status).
    4. The academic Institution to which you currently belong, if applicable.
    5. To be considered for accommodation on the North West Cambridge Development, detailed personal and financial information will be required to determine your eligibility for affordable housing.

    If you are unable to provide these details, you will need to tell us about your connection to the University of Cambridge.

To get started, are you, or soon will be a member of the University?

Members include University of Cambridge staff, most current students, academics, visiting scholars, and visiting students.

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