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The Accommodation Service finds reliable tenants for empty University college rooms. Tenants are all approved members or affiliates of the University.

College accommodation is highly sought after, and we highlight them in our search results. This lets approved seekers get straight to the college listings.

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If you do not have time to add details of your accommodation, send us an email with your name, college and brief details of your available accommodation – or call us (01223) 338099.

If you would like training to help you to add accommodation details and advertise them easily, please let us know. We offer free training in using our service to University of Cambridge Colleges.

Who are the tenants?

Everyone looking for places through the Accommodation Service are either Cambridge University members or academics connected to the University. For example, they could be PGCE students, postgraduate students or visiting scholars. Some will be seeking to accommodate their families too.

We vet all applicants to make sure they are members of or directly connected with the University of Cambridge.

Who can see what we put online?

Your details are not visible to the public.

Both the details you submit to register with us and the details of your available spaces are visible only to logged in members of our web site and members of staff.

Those who can log in to our web site are members of the University of Cambridge, visiting scholars, or departments of the University. They have an account with the Accommodation Service only for as long as they are actively seeking accommodation.

You can also edit the information you display to logged in members, giving you control over how much of your information is seen.

Available accommodation is only listed on our web site when you choose to advertise it. You can remove your adverts at any time, making your properties invisible to web site users.

Will the accommodation be permanently advertised?

No. The accommodation details that you add to our secure web site are not visible to accommodation seekers until you advertise them (and are never visible to the public).

You have complete control over what accommodation you advertise on our site, and for how long. You may remove or edit an advert at any time.

How much detail do you need?

The basic information we need to add a property is the address, property type, and number of rooms. You can then give contact details for further enquiries.

The more information you provide, though, the more seekers you will attract. Once you have added information, it remains on the system to be re-advertised as many times as you like without having to resubmit the details.

What are the benefits of using the Accommodation Service?

As the University Department for accommodation we are the central place for University members and affiliates to come to for accommodation and advice on relocating. We have hundreds of registrants currently seeking accommodation in Cambridge.

Accommodation seekers using our Service have already been vetted. You know that you can trust any tenants you find through the Accommodation Service.

Our online Service is designed to speed up the process of letting accommodation. When you advertise a room, those for whom it is relevant will be alerted immediately by email, in addition to the advert appearing on our web site.

The letting process is simple. Add your property details once, advertise when available, and sit back and wait for tenants to contact you.

The letting process is also versatile. You may specify exactly what sort of tenant you are looking for and how they should contact you.

Can you advise on rents?

Yes, definitely. We have many years of experience, and are more than happy to advise on rents and the process of letting rooms.

Send us an email, or give us a ring.

What happens if tenants want to stay longer than the available period?

As a landlord you can set your letting periods to start at any time of the year, and to be as long or short as you need. They do not have to align with the academic year or terms.

Your available accommodation will be advertised to those whose requirements match what you have advertised. You remain in control of the duration for which a tenant rents your accommodation.

We have University members and affiliates looking for accommodation all year for both short (from 3 weeks) and much longer periods.

What if the tenants are not eligible for our college?

When you advertise accommodation you may specify the type of tenant you are looking for. If your College or accommodation requires a particular gender, academic status, family situation or other restriction you can simply add this to the advert, and in some cases, the property details themselves.

Must I upload property details each time they come available?

You only need to upload details for College properties once.

After that, you may advertise each property, or individual rooms/flats, whenever they come available. Once they are taken or have expired, the property details will be removed from view on the web site and will remain hidden until you advertise them again. But all the details are stored so that re-advertising is a quick process.

Will I be forever inundated with requests?


As a landlord on our system you can control when your rooms are advertised and what contact details are given with the adverts. When you no longer want to advertise a property, simply remove the advert.

While your available accommodation is being advertised, only those looking for what you describe are likely to get in touch. The more accurate you can be in describing for whom your accommodation is suitable, and for what periods, the less like you are to be contacted by mismatched potential tenants.

Is your system safe?

You control what property and contact details are shown to users of the Accommodation Service, and when. You can edit your details at any time on your personal home page in the logged-in Landlords' area of the web site.

The property and contact details that you choose to display are visible only to registered accommodation seekers. These registrants have all been vetted and approved as members or affiliates of Cambridge University, eligible to use the Accommodation Service. They have accounts on the site only for as long as they are eligible and actively seeking accommodation.

Other parties, including other landlords and the general public, can not see your details at all.

Your contact details, necessary for registration as a landlord on our web system, are protected by the University of Cambridge privacy policy for services.

Our web site is hosted on the University of Cambridge servers by the University computing service and conforms to their security standards.